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Resolve "Remove SCOORD_GEN tool"

Daley Calvert requested to merge 433-remove-scoord_gen-tool into main

Closes #433 (closed).


Regular checks

Not applicable- this does not change any source code.



  • Is the proposed methodology now implemented?
  • Are the code changes in agreement with the flowchart defined at preview step?
  • Are the code changes in agreement with list of routines and variables as proposed at preview step?
    • If, not, are the discrepancies acceptable?
  • Is the in-line documentation accurate and sufficient?
  • Do the code changes comply with NEMO coding standards?
  • Is the development documented with sufficient details for others to understand the impact of the change?
  • Is the project doc (manual, guide, web, ...) now updated or completed following the proposed summary in preview section?

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