NEMO Development

NEMO Development

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This project contains all information about NEMO development organisation and processes. It is open to all, although some development features may by available to developers only, see Contributing section in Users guide


NEMO is developed in a sustainable way: the releases are expected to be reliable and the code to be modular and readable, allowing projects to develop and add new pieces for their own needs. The NEMO shared modelling framework is developed by NEMO Consortium. The development is organised and scheduled through NEMO Consortium bodies:

Contributions are welcome

You are welcome to contribute to NEMO shared platform development. Details on how to proceed. Once your proposed development is scheduled in the work plan, you will be guided and sponsored by one of the NEMO Officers for the duration of the development.

Development resources and on line documentation

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For history:

Communications tools

  • Mailing lists
  • Developers chat (invitation are sent by the NEMO Officers).
  • Forum to exchange on topics and answer questions within the NEMO community.