Maintain an up-to-date NEMO Development Strategy and coordinate its implementation


Maintain an up-to-date NDS and coordinate its implementation.


Maintain an up-to-date NDS : organise the NEMO Development Strategy (NDS) meetings that are held once every 5-6 years and take charge of writing the update of NEMO Development Strategy document defining strategy for the next years.
Create and end the WGs required for the NDS and choose their leaders [and members]
[Builds the annual work plan proposal]
Annually review the of progress and plans of the NST and WGs
Examine proposals on request in order to decide if they can use the “NEMO Consortium label” : when the project includes NEMO development work in line with Development Strategy and organised within NEMO sustainable development workflow (= members of NST).

Members of the Committee

NEMO Development Strategies

NEMO Development Strategy 2018-2022 > NEMO Development Strategy 2018-2022

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