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Merge branch '41-cpl_oasis-testcase-outdated' into 'branch_4.2'

Guillaume Samson requested to merge cherry-pick-cabbd821 into branch_4.2

Resolve "CPL_OASIS testcase outdated"

Closes #41 (closed)

See merge request !71 (merged)

(cherry picked from commit cabbd821)

b9b60622 update TOYATM grid sizes 1a846f3f update namelists 39d17db9 put xios in server mode and add oasis specific logical 1f48cf83 replace hard-coded directory by pwd command dad67399 move job example into EXPREF and remove duplicate gen_report script (already in EXPREF) ce184a5d add TOYATM cpp file for oasis3 b3d73930 update Mercator Belenos arch file to be compliant with Oasis3-MCT5.0

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