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Revert trunk to initial commit 2

Miguel Castrillo requested to merge revert_trunk_to_initial_commit_2 into main

New branch to revert the main/trunk status to commit 3dd9d8af

mcastril@bsces107905:~/tmp/nemo$ git checkout -b revert_trunk_to_initial_commit_2
Switched to a new branch 'revert_trunk_to_initial_commit_2'
mcastril@bsces107905:~/tmp/nemo$ git reset --hard 3dd9d8af2b122824314b848f81973d3a110eef92
HEAD is now at 3dd9d8a Updated sette functions to work correctly after multiple commits
mcastril@bsces107905:~/tmp/nemo$ git reset --soft 522ad4c17a862abefe4d59a8513cf1754948a8e9 
mcastril@bsces107905:~/tmp/nemo$ git diff 3dd9d8af2b122824314b848f81973d3a110eef92

First, I reset the files (reset --hard) to the commit we want to go back to. Then, I move back to the current HEAD (git reset --soft) without modifying any file.

The diff shows no differences 3dd9d8af

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