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Draft: Resolve "set TOP var values in Ice-shelve melted cell -- rebased"

“Closes #121

NEMO with interactive ice-shelves only set new values to T and S, preventing to run NEMO-IS with the biogeochemistry. Here we add a module that copy what is done for T and S, and apply it to the passive tracers. This would enable NEMO-IS and the BGC model to run happily altogether.

Part of the job has been done in a first merge request first merge request In the first one i managed to fill the new opened cell's passive tracers array, using the same routine than T and S but i still missed the correction part. changes were on trcini.F90 and isfcpl.F90 : Draft_Resolve_set_TOP_var_values_in_Ice-shelve_melted_cell___188_

The code needed to be rebase locally, but with too much changes, so i preferred to restart from the latest version of the main.

Edited by julien Palmieri

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