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Merge branch '129-wrong-icb-melting-flux-depending-on-nn_fsbc' into 'branch_4.2'

Guillaume Samson requested to merge cherry-pick-0dd6ddf5 into branch_4.2

Resolve "Wrong ICB melting flux depending on nn_fsbc"

Closes #129 (closed)

See merge request !275 (merged)

(cherry picked from commit 0dd6ddf5)

b8d361db add IF( MOD( kt-1, nn_fsbc ) == 0 ) THEN in icbstp.F90 11692305 fix restartability issue and namelist nn_sample_rate and nn_verbose_write compatibility d125a945 forgot to commit change in namelist_ref 9d5463e5 add comments in namelist_ref as required by reviewer

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