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Merge branch '21-improve-fld_read-time-management-for-instantaneous-fields' into 'branch_4.2'

Guillaume Samson requested to merge cherry-pick-619f9f3b into branch_4.2

Resolve "Improve fld_read time management for instantaneous fields"

Closes #21 (closed)

See merge request !276 (merged)

(cherry picked from commit 619f9f3b)

036ed779 1st working version (without nml parameter changes) 328e3a3b correct some spacings 099d0f30 new simplified version of the dev... 048a2a08 bugfix 044519e9 fix in case of file with only one record 1ab0ca4a add nml shift management using +/- before var name 78ea2db0 replace INT by NINT

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