Working group leaders:

  • [Florian Lemarie] (INRIA, France)
  • Mike Bell (Met Office, UK)
  • Sibylle Techene (CNRS, France)


The KERNEL Working Group aims to bring together experts who are developing and/or using innovative solution for ocean models KERNEL and coordinate implementation of the strategy for the NEMO kernel.

In accordance to the NEMO Development Strategy (2023-2027), the main objectives are to:

  • implement a more flexible generalised vertical co-ordinate (GVC) than the existing z-tilde scheme
  • investigate further the Brinkman penalisation approach for representation of sharply varying bathymetry
  • investigate options for relaxation of the Boussinesq approximation
  • work more closely with the HPC WG to pursue the co-design of algorithms suited to modern high performance computers
  • support physical model development through the implementation of test cases

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2023-2027 Actions

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