Sea Ice modelling Integrated Initiative (SI3)

  • Leaders: Ed Blockley (Met Office, UK) & Martin Vancoppenolle(@vancop, CNRS, Fr)

  • Members Aksenov, Yevgeny (NOC, UK); Feltham, Danny (CPOM, UK); Fichefet, Thierry (UCLouvain, Be); Garric, Gilles (MO, Fr); Guemas, Virginie (CNRM, Fr); Holland, Paul (BAS, UK); Iovino, Dorotea (@diovino, CMCC, It); Keeley, Sarah (ECMWF, UK); Madec, Gurvan (@gm, CNRS, Fr); Massonnet, François (UCLouvain, Be); Riedley, Jeff (UKMO, UK); Rousset, Clément(@clem, CNRS, Fr); Schroeder, David (CPOM, UK); Tietsche, Steffen (ECMWF, Ge);


The sea ice working group brings together sea ice modelling NEMO experts.

The main objective of the SIWG is to look after the representation of sea ice in NEMO, and in particular to lead the development of the SI3 model (''Sea Ice modelling Integrated Initiative'', ''sea ice cubed'' for short, launched in 2017 , first released in 2019).

This option was seen as an outstanding opportunity to progress, value the available scientific expertise, and better use resources within the NEMO sea ice community.

The transition to a new unified sea ice model involves merging the desired functionalities from each of CICE, GELATO and LIM into a common code within the NEMO framework.

Current Activities

  • Develop a long-term strategy, in particular through the writing of the sea ice strategy document chapter (with the help of IS-ENES3 project);

  • Inter-compare sea ice rheologies at varying resolutions (H2020 IMMERSE project);

  • Write and review the SI3 documentation.

Upcoming Meetings

  • We are currently not meeting physically because of the pandemic, but have regular sub-group meetings online.

Previous Meetings


  • SITOOL Release (Lin et al 2021)
  • Workshop report in BAMS (Blockley et al. 2020)
  • International sea ice workshop on sea ice modelling (Sep 2019).
  • Release of the first version of the SI3 model (Jan 2019).

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