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Coarsening of the BGC model via OASIS

Eric Maisonnave requested to merge 85-bgc-coarsening-with-oasis into main

Two configurations must be modified: 1- NEMO ocean-ice only. Add a new coupling interface to provide ocean variables to BGC and receive light absorption coefficient. 2- OFFLINE including the TOP-PISCES model. Add the coupling interface counterpart and modify the grid definition.

Two new tools must be added: 1- DOMAINcfg (as already done in dev_agrif_coarsening branch) that deduces the coarsened grid from the ocean grid. 2- a new tool that builds OASIS coarsening weights based on both fine and coarsened grids

A set of new Input files necessary to run the two models together (BGC input files on the coarsened grid, OASIS parameter file, namelists, XIOS XLM files)

Closes #85

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