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Resolve "Fix EIV when using tiling"

Daley Calvert requested to merge 236-EIV-tiling-fix into main


Once the development is done, the PI should complete the tests section below and after ask the reviewers to start their review.
This part should contain the detailed results of SETTE tests (restartability and reproducibility for each of the reference configuration) and detailed results of restartability and reproducibility when the option is activated on specified configurations used for this test.

Regular checks

  • Can this change be shown to produce expected impact (option activated)?
    • As noted in #236 (closed), this will change the results with respect to the previous code under certain conditions- the previous results were incorrect
  • Can this change be shown to have a null impact (option not activated)?
  • Results of the required bit comparability tests been run: are there no differences when activating the development?
    • If some differences appear, is reason for the change valid/understood?
    • If some differences appear, is the impact as expected on model configurations?
  • Is this change expected to preserve all diagnostics?
    • If no, is reason for the change valid/understood?
  • Are there significant changes in run time/memory?


This is a simple bug fix, so it has been self-reviewed (but still requires approval!).

Closes #236 (closed)

Edited by Daley Calvert

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